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The Process

Learn more about the Certification Process

1. Get in touch

Reach out to us via phone or email and we will get back to you quickly. We’ll:

  • Answer any questions you may have about certification

  • Talk you through the certification process

  • Provide you with options to suit your business

  • Gather information to calculate a quotation for you

2. Proposal

We’ll customise your organisation’s costing for you, taking into consideration:

  • The certifications you are seeking

  • Your scope of work

  • The size of your business

  • The locations which you’d like to include in the certification

3. Onboarding

We’ll welcome you as our client and provide you with a Certificate of Application to demonstrate to interested parties that you’ve committed to the certification process.  

4. Readiness check

When you’re ready, we’ll:

  • Assign an auditor with expertise in your scope of work

  • Review your documented management system and if necessary, conduct a site visit 

  • Send your report soon after the review is completed

  • Highlight your organisation’s readiness to proceed to the certification assessment

  • Provide you with sufficient time to make any required changes to your system

5. The big day

The assigned auditor(s) will:

  • Assess the implementation of your management system in your activities

  • Assess your management system’s compliance with the requirements of the standards

  • Provide you with a comprehensive report soon after the audit

  • Review any corrective action plans and any evidence that you may need to provide

  • Make a certification recommendation

6. Time to celebrate

The independent Certification Approval Panel reviews your files and the auditor’s recommendation and makes a certification decision.


  • Notify you of the panel’s decision

  • If certification is granted, we’ll provide you with your certificate and our Marks to showcase your success

  • In case certification is not approved, we’ll let you know the reasons and you’ll have the right to appeal the decision

7. Yearly review

Each year, the auditor will review your management system to ensure:

  • System maintenance is occurring 

  • Continuing compliance with the relevant Standard’s requirements

You’ll receive an audit report shortly after the audit and if the auditor identifies any shortfalls, you’ll be given sufficient time to address them, and your certification continues.

In the rare instance that the situation is unable to be resolved within the agreed time,  the certification may be temporarily suspended, and a new time-frame for resolution confirmed. Once resolved, the Certification Approval Panel will meet to reinstate the certification.

If the situation is not resolved, the certification may be withdrawn.

8. Third year refresh

Every 3 years you’ll undergo a full system check, with the auditor providing your report and a recommendation for Recertification. The Certification Approval Panel will provide a certification decision, and where Recertification is granted, you will be provided with your new certificate with 3 year’s validity.

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